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Shawn Levin Carn

Elite Jiu-jitsu Black belt


Our Story

I owe everything to my parents and especially my father Levin Carn Sr.  As if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be the man that you see today.   Thank you Dad  #protecttheking ♔

About Me

Who Am I

Black belt promotion with my Dad watching
A Dedicated lifetimer of Martial arts and grappling.
I started my journey wrestling at the age of 6, and was coached by my father the late Great Levin Carn Sr..  Who trained me at a high level of competition at a young age.
I found Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 25 and after 12 years was given the rank of Black belt by Jeff Mitchell.
As a trusted advisor to Professor Mitchell, Shawn travels with him to different gyms nationally and internationally to assist with teaching and promotions.
What do I have to offer ?

Why ME

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

1st degree Black Belt under 4th Degree Jeff Mitchell ( Robson Moura 2nd American Black belt)


32+ years of Wrestling (Collegiate, Scholastic, Freestyle, and Greco-Roman)


Brown Belt


Tang Soo Do Black Belt

Pro Grappler

Veteran FTW Grappler

Multi time medalist

over 100+ Medals, Belts and Trophies of competitions

Work Out

Right Now

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Our Classes

Sigma Fighter
Self Defense

The thing about self-defense is that you don’t need it until you absolutely need it. It is difficult to be prepared for as the intensity of that sort of situation is very hard to mimic. Self-defense isn’t winning fights. It’s self-preservation. It’s getting away. If a person wants to take your wallet, it might ruin your week, but it won’t have the lasting and painful effects of being assaulted. With that in mind, the goal of self-defense is often to discourage the assailant to the point that the effort or pain is not worth the pursuit.

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Competition Training

When it comes down to the wire and you need that push to get that extra gain out of it. After competing for the majority of my whole life, I know what it takes to get ready and be ready for a competition. The strain and demanding schedule and task that you put your body through. Also when you have the eagerness to train but nobody will push you to that level, I am here for that.  

Private Classes

What better way to learn than from a One-on-One Session directly with a Black belt instructor?  No matter what your goal is, I am here to help you achieve it.  My main goal is to give keys to help you gain the results that you want, Mind, body, or spirit. 


Days Trained till Black belt


Gyms Visited


Medals and Counting


Students Taught

Our Strongest Team

Meet Expert Trainer

I have traveled all over the world learning and teaching to others.  This sport has allowed me to open my eyes and heart to others in need of an unconventional outlet.  

Being a coach is something that runs in my family. Ive learned more from coaching other and teaching that I have ever learned from being a competitor.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved competing, but its not the drive have anymore Now its about helping other learn themselves  

Hard Work

Pays Off


What Clients Say

Pamela Collins
    Pamela Collins

    10 Weeks / Private Training

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    Sean Silva
      Sean Silva

      8 Weeks / Athlete Training

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      Heather Holland
        Heather Holland

        12 Weeks / Group Training

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        Group Training

        Coach and Exercise


        per Class
        Training Session Includes

        90 Minute Session
        Teaching specific moves or pre-suggest position
        Class of 20 or less 

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        Private Training

        Coach and Exercise


        hour session
        1 on 1 session geared to better your own style and techniques

        60 Minute Session
        Private Gym
        Get 1-on-1 training


        Coach and Exercise


        for price
        Training Session Includes

        120 Minute Session

        (2- 60 mins Sessions)
        Class of 20 and more 
        A class geared to specific moves and techniques