am I?

My BJJ Story

How i got to where i am...

My Jiujitsu Career started with Delaware Jiu-jitsu in Chadd Ford under the lineage of Jay Goldberg. I received my Blue belt from him in 2009 after a year of training and competing. I also received two of my stripes from him until I separated from the organization in 2012 over unresolved differences with another instructor.  I continued my training and competition under the Robson Moura affiliate school (Elite Jiujitsu) which was led by now 4th Degree Black belt Jeff Mitchell.  I’ve competed in a ton of minor local tournaments such as, Good Fight, Naga, US Grappling, Grapplers Quest, etc; and also a Few major ones such as ADCC trials, IBJJF, and FTW (Fight 2 Win). 

I have been honored to become one of Jeff’s right-hand advisors in the gym. I have had the pleasure to travel to different countries and train with multiple World Champions over the years such as JT Torres, Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro, Saulo Ribeiro, Robson Moura, Bruno Bastos, and many more. Most of them have become close personal friends over the years and still train with them from time to time.  

Jeff has been my coach throughout the majority of my Jiujitsu career and without him, I wouldn’t be the competitor, instructor, or even the person I am without him.  I was honored to have been promoted from Purple belt to Black Belt under his leadership. 

To become a Professor of the sport under someone that you respect the utmost is priceless.

White Belt – 2008

Blue Belt – 2009

Purple Belt – 2013

Brown Belt – 2017

Black Belt – 2020 

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Focus & Finish

Everything that we have suffered or have overcome throughout the years is a tenth of what we see at face value.  My father developed the model “Focus and Finish” and as a young child I never understood what it meant entirely but I knew that when I started something, I had to follow through with it. I never understood that he was teaching me a life-altering motto that revolves around how the world works.  
As I got older, I started to fully understand what he was saying by it.  My Family lives by the motto of our father “Focus and Finish” and for those who don’t understand the meaning. It’s more than finishing something. It’s about focusing on putting your best abilities forward and completing the task with excellence.    

Never settle for mediocrity and always strive to put your best effort forward.  No matter how large the opposition your reward is always going to be better than the risk of not doing it. 
Focus and Finish – Levin Carn Sr. 


My jiujitsu competition resume is pretty extensive. I have been competing since the first month I started in 2008.  I competed in local, Nation, and International level competitions as well as amateur and professional.  Here are some of the accolades of my career.